Respite Care or short-term stay may be required for a period of recovery following a change in health situation such as an operation, accident, or illness, or when the individual’s primary carer is away on vacation or on leave.

Because of their brief duration, respite carer stays might be a little intimidating at first for both the resident and their loved ones. We understand this at Impact Project Solutions, thus we go out of our way to make our respite residents feel welcome, happy, and cherished. It’s fairly uncommon for short stays to be repeated, and many of our respite residents decide to stay for the long term after getting a sense of life at Impact Project Solutions.

Impact Project Solutions understands that in order for a dedicated carer to take a week or two off, they must be confident that their loved one is safe and well-cared for.

Perhaps the person being cared for has received emergency care, or arrive home following discharge from hospital. Our in-home care services can provide the extra help that is required during a tough time. For additional information, please contact us at 02086170639.