Dementia affects a large number of senior people, whether it is caused by Alzheimer’s disease or other factors. When dementia symptoms appear or progress, our staff is qualified to provide care for residents. Residents can stay in our care home, where they feel comfortable and at ease, and we can continue to give excellent care.

Dementia care facilities, staff abilities, and the surroundings are all important things to consider while making a decision, especially when a person’s life has already been affected by dementia. Our employees are always learning, thanks to a training programme that allows them to expand their knowledge and experience.

We understand that memory loss impacts each resident in a unique way, so we teach our staff to respect each person and to recognise their unique abilities, preferences, and requirements. We concentrate on getting to know each resident so that we can provide person-centred care, convenience, and trust in the place that is familiar to them. One of our selected carers will keep your loved one’s daily routines and relieve the load on your family, providing an alternative to care homes.

To learn more about our dementia care services and the numerous flexible alternatives, give us a call today on 02086170639.